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      Lover's Sunset

      As I stood there looking for a love I dreamt of you
      you came by and touched my soul
      then you touched my heart
      you are that beautiful stranger
      your name brings a smile to my face
      and a song to my heart
      my eyes believe your words
      your lips sending secrets to my heart.

      I sit here sighing and dreaming of you
      what I wouldn't give to be in your arms tonight
      and feel the delicate whisper of your breath on my skin
      I close my eyes and I let myself go
      I can see a wonderful image of you in my thoughts
      a secret that we share together.

      I see the bright colors of the beautiful evening sunset
      we are walking on the beach
      I wear only a bikini, my hair dancing in the wind
      gently floating on my naked shoulder
      you are wearing a pair of jeans
      naked chest and barefoot
      a warm breeze licking our faces.

      I can feel the velvet touch between my toes
      the warm sand massaging my feet
      I hear the waves breaking on the rock
      I look at you with eyes of desire
      I delight at the vision of your silhouette in the shadows
      brilliant sunset splashes upon your skin
      feeling your hands trembling on my hips
      the air is romantic, the mood is intense.

      Suddenly you come closer behind me
      your fingers caress my hair gently
      and continue softly down my back
      light kisses cover the back of my neck
      two warm hands rubbing the satin skin of my shoulder
      I arch my back with wild response
      leaning my head on your shoulder
      my neck is aching to be kissed more.

      Hot lips and a gentle kiss
      a light suction with that sweet tongue
      you start to lick my skin
      the air is heavy with passion and romance
      I gaze at the beautiful sunset
      the sky becoming more brilliant
      WOW - it's amazing how the sun melts into the horizon
      just as you are melting into my soul with your strong embrace.

      You turn me on with your strong arms
      you grasp my hips as the wind blows my hair
      your tender lips give mine a sweet flavor
      your tongue on mine, I give myself to your embrace
      a French kiss heightens the romance
      I know you want me so much
      my heart is pounding as I see
      the reflection of the sunset in your hungry eyes.

      My body is on fire as I watch your shadowy figure
      I feel the heat on the tips of your fingers
      massaging my burning skin , we shiver together
      I bring my arms around your neck
      my body so close to yours we start to move
      with the sound of the exotic waves hitting the beach
      stimulates our minds and bodies.

      Our bodies in perfect harmony
      my right hand runs through your hair as my other hand
      reaches around you and rests on your bare back
      I gasp, "I'm all for you - only for you"
      embracing tightly in the shadows of the setting sun
      passion mounts and highlights our entangled bodies
      this setting makes me want you even more
      I have to have you - I need you now !

      I laugh and pull away teasing you
      you confidently smile back
      chasing me in the surf
      your hands release my bikini top
      kissing my lips, removing it skillfully
      you move your head down upon my firm breast
      your kiss, your touch, our bodies
      slowly glide into the sand.

      Your eyes look at me with desire
      your hands touch me so sensually
      your fingers gently pull my bikini bottoms
      and probe the silky flesh of my sweetness
      your hot lips and wet tongue on my flesh
      leave a trace of saliva
      all over my body
      I hear your moans of ecstasy.

      My heart beats faster and harder with passion
      I claw my sharp nails in the flesh on your back
      I can't resist you anymore
      turning onto your back
      with myself on top of you
      we discover each others' sweetness
      with tongues entwining, savoring the fullness of desire.

      My nipples brush against your chest
      my lips start to bite your neck
      I taste your salty skin and I gently take your earlobe
      and lightly suck it
      my hands caress and kiss your bare chest
      I go below and unbutton your jeans
      I bring my lips to your belly button
      you KNOW what is going to happen soon.

      My hot lips start to kiss your manhood
      with the tip on my tongue
      I can make you forget all your all problems
      you start to moan and start to run your fingers in my hair
      your hands move gently and slowly
      my hair feels your skilled touch
      your hands on my hips
      you can't wait another minute

      You pull me into position
      my hair hanging over you
      taking your manhood in your hand
      you guide it inside my secret tunnel
      I feel you inside me
      my body moves in time with yours
      my breasts rise and fall with each movement
      you accelerate the rhythm I arch my body with each thrust
      deeper and faster we moan together
      our bodies become one.

      I can feel my spasms of pleasure around your manhood
      our breath grows heavier
      breathing the pure ocean air
      echoes across this silent moment
      the reflection of our bodies float upon the waves
      the ocean surrounds us
      I gaze into your eyes
      BABE - you have wonderful eyes
      I can taste the pearls of perspiration hitting my mouth
      we are reaching the ultimate ecstasy
      it's so amazing -

      I collapse upon your chest
      I caress you gently with satisfaction
      I slowly climb down and lie beside you
      savoring you, drinking in the sunset.

      ©September 2000Cherie, xoxo

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