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        If I was your falling star
        I would fly through the galaxy
        shining only for you just to see
        to make your eyes so bright only for me

        If I was your butterfly then I would fly away
        Caressing the sky bringing me to your way
        to land in the palm of your hand
        to be pressed against your heart

        If I was a rose in your immense garden
        I would be the one with the most beautiful blooms
        I would open my wonderful petals for you
        and be the one to flourish with beauty only for you

        If I was the salty sea,
        your beauty would amaze me
        you'd play in my waves
        and I would embrace you

        If I was your guardian angel
        I would protect you from sadness
        I would bring you happiness even in the darkness
        And I would admire you all through the night

        If I was your loving white dove
        I would give you my tender love
        coming from heaven high above
        swooshing down to give you the most beautiful love

        So come to my arms and feel the love in my heart
        I will kiss away all your pain
        and bring a sweet melody to your heart
        and never, ever shall we part

        ©September 2000Cherie, xoxo

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