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Bonjour! Hello! I am Cherie.
This page was created
so I could tell you a little more about
myself and the passions in my life.

I was born and raised
in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.
Gatineau is about 15 minutes away
from Ottawa, Ontario,
(the capital city of Canada).

This is the Casino de Hull, located in Hull, Quebec.
It is only 10 minutes from Gatineau
and is one of the region's
most popular attractions!

I am 34 years old and the youngest of five children.
I am a French Canadian woman
and I am married to an English Canadian man!
John, my hubby, is 36 years old
and was born in Ottawa.

We have two beautiful children
whom I cherish with all my heart.
Eric is 10 years old and Karine is 6.
I also have a black labrador.
Her name is Lexy
and she truly is part of our family!

For the past 16 years,
I have worked at a Geriatric Hospital
in the city of Hull, Quebec.

This picture is taken close to my work.
It is the Ottawa River.

I have many passions in my life.
I love music and writing short stories.
My wonderful friend Julie
inspired me to start writing.
I never knew how much
I would enjoy it until I really started!
Thank you for being my inspiration, Julie!

I also love the outdoors.
That is probably why I am passionate
about *Harley Davidson* motorcycles.
I enjoy taking walks in the woods,
and riding on my 4-wheelers.

Music is a big part of my life,
and I think it tells so much about a person.
I am a pretty good pool player
and I have even won some trophies!

I want to thank my friend Vicki,
who created my website.
And, to everyone else...
"Let your heart follow your dreams."

Cherie xoxo

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