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hot humid day

an ovenbird's song

baking in the sun

rush hour

snow coming down


"Tokyo Burning", original Ikebana by: Cecil Sells. copyright© 1998.

In memory of the over 100,000 people who perished March 9-10, 1945, in the fire bombing of Tokyo.

Autunm aspargus, in a blue depression glass vase, on sugar maple leaves.


across the basement floor

ladybug shells


tumbleweeds rollin' in

from the rail yard

crushed on my windshield

black and orange butterfly

where has summer gone

blossoms falling

on the path

goose shit


the sky awash

in waves of geese

thy neighbor's ass

beautiful succulent orbs

thou shalt not covet

heat wave

these April snowmen

barely dressed

smiling happily

diascarded jack-o-lantern

warm December day

old barn

blown clean thru

to the other side

five old lumps of coal

in our dead spring lawn

snowman forgotten

impatients dying

hospital courtyard

swan box empty

beside the silent mill

bridges of river mist

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