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Flux Capacitor
Pick Of the Week
My Art.
My Mind.
My Visions

Come and get it...
I have now gone public...
My Visions, on posters of any size along with post cards...

Gallery 23

Is it art if it looks like an alien who xeroxed his butt. Am I an artists for rendering and filtering it. A questionable art with no relation to humanity, meaning something not that I have a clue to.

Gallery 22

Faces of gosts, landscapes and bugs is what my minds eye finds in this new set of images. Darker in greens with flashes of red blue and purple this time. I wonder why.

Gallery 21

Infinate changes within endless time. Define this set of fractals after months of quite wonder. I push harder to find silent colors mixed with contrasting images of chaos.

Gallery 20

Splintering tangents lead to my lack of words over what to say. I am obsessed, but what the hell. Of all obsessions how much can this hurt, I don't think I will be cutting of an ear.

Gallery 19
I stand looking at my kingdom of light and shadow. Thes images surround me, filling me with wonder and unimaginable awe. Damn I do love this so.
Gallery 18
What are these visions, why do they haunt me. Nightmares of only chalk and canvis with no colors. Are these this green or blue, are all wrapped in red, subdued.
Gallery 17
A darker gallery is provided for your "deep thought" days. I didn't think I was feeling dark when rendering these images, maybe there was something just under the surface.
Gallery 16
With subtle changes, the picture widens twisting without end. With tools of light and color I twist and shape these images. This I do "for fun".
Gallery 15
Mathmatics explode into visually stunning images before your eyes. I am, with mixed emotion unable to express in words what these images do to me.
Gallery 14
I give silent thanks for being given sight. Without color, I would be lost. Gaining momentum like a tain becomming a locomotive, Toot Toooot...
Gallery 12
Oh a new program, Fractal Explorer brings me new visions we can share together. Such wonder I have to show, let go and allow your mind to fly.
Gallery 11
I can't seem to grasp that these are graphical mathmatical expressions, re-rendered through color filters. The neverending expressions of line and color, astound me.
Gallery 10
Begging the question, "Can one get any Darker?" and "What was I thinking about?" Where am I going, I don't know. All that I know I am on my way.
Gallery 9
Deep dark greens and blues flow like water across the canvas. Finding the depths of fractal interpolations, a never ending journey through visions eternally changing. 
Gallery 8
I'm getting better, or just loving it more. Such wonders traveling from red to blue. Star struck that I continue to find new fractal combinations. 
Gallery 7
Just when I think the end is near, all new visions arise. Taking my breath away as the results come into focus. Rivers of color on a sea of black felt.
Gallery 6
Wonders never ending. New tools expand the possibilities. Doing what you love is hardly work, as I move forward the images continue to fill me with awe.
Gallery 5
Things that make me go, ohh. Simply marvelous if I do say so myself. Textures and dimensions folding onto one and another with delightful results.
Gallery 4
Dark and thick with hidden lines, a few exceptions hold vidid colors. I never question where the images take me, never strait always forward. That it is, is all that matters.
Gallery 3
Fluid motion combined with brilliant color, dance across the screen. This gallery holds some of my favorites, "R" being the sleeper of my all time favorites.
Gallery 2
The second generation, learning to fly. As the images take control, sometimes I just sit in wonder, wow. Yes I did do that...
Rainbow Point
Gallery 1
Some of my first cuts at fractals and rendering images. Even from the start I liked the color and imagery that could be generated even with the basic fractal programs. 
To Sleep! perchance to dream: -ay, there's the rub

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