ViolenceJacks' Bio

Greetings people of Tyran, my name is ViolenceJack. I am by occupation a fighter. You never know where you might find me in Tyran's Cove. I won't stand for anyone taking advantage of others. I will always speak my mind, whether you like it or not ! For I do not fear Death, but laugh in it's face.

I learned the magic I know from watching other Magicians in Tyran's Cove. I am a quick learner when it came to the Art of Magic. I respect it's powers and those who practice the Arts. Just as I demand respect for myself and others.

(Laughs and then gets a look in his eyes not oft seen in him)

Speaking of others, I was just thinking of a young woman I have met. She has a magical charm about her I cannot resist. Nor do I wish to, her name is Myst_erious. The name fits her well, as she is a mystery to me, so kind and gentle like a child. But definitely with the charms of a woman. When I even mention her name, a hunger comes over me for her and her company.

(He looks down thinking about her staying at Genesis' home, and it causes him to scowl)

(Shakes his head to gain his composure again )

I must be going now, to see if there is anyone who is in need of my services. You probably will see me soon at the Pub in town. Watch your back till we meet again.