Scarab first appeared in the time that GenesisZenith opened a shop on the Tyran Posts, he asked for Genesis to make a custom double headed spear, Elvin was also there and bought a Sword that glows near high levels of Majik, and a Globe Amulet.

Promeus Scarab left Genesis' shop to hunt in the Forest, he met a young man named Elchris and thus started his troubles. Scarab merged with Elchris to become Promeus.
As Promeus, Scarab joined the clan known as jG, Jesuit Genesis. He became friends with jG_Bludsuca, and earned jG_Forsaken_jG's respect.
He began hunting again, his body not quite used to being half elven, he was getting ill quite often, one day he went as far as to try and eat Male-Rabbit, which was however saved by his Queen, Cauldrona, Promues had drawn his weapon and walked towards her, then out to the forest to hunt... She had mistaken it as him drawing his weapon on her.
ViolenceJack soon learned what had happened to his brother Elchris and came after Promeus, as Promeus has just found ShaakuDaimyo aka SharkLord, his teacher from the past, he had reached him, but on the following day, Promeus had his soul split by ViolenceJack, weaking Promeus's body he died.

Or so everyone thought.

Judecca One day ViolenceJack and his brother Elchris has come to the jG tomb to dig up Promeus' body, However all ViolenceJack found was and empty shell of the former Promeus, he had evolved leaving behind a cocoon like shell. He came back to the jG now as jG_Judecca, seeking to rejoin with Elchris. He fought with ViolenceJack as his rival many times until that one fateful day in battle ViolenceJack killed Judecca and laid him to rest.

Time passed, a sum of 20 years.

Reverted De-Evolved ViolenceJack was now God of War, and seemed to have a certain darkness hidden withing his mind, he visited the arena along with DD_Mystic and HG_Hera, he took out the Soul of Scarab that he had kept for so long and cast it into the depts of Tyran, the underground lost city that sXAsellus and sXCorinne has been exploring, along with Maverax and Damien_Shard, Scarab was reborn now into a a giant body, however it was a form that did not allow speech, he joined Saints of the Xtreme that very day.
Scarab explored the tunnels with Asellus and Cori until they came upon a large Spider, Scarab stepped on and crushed all its kinred but the Spider ripped off one of his arms, he fell back weakened, then as Cori attacked he jumped into the air landing on the Spiders back he dug his legs into it crippling it's chances of escape as Cori slayed the thing.
One day in the pub, Scarab entered with a glowing box, he had handed it to Asellus, and tried to get her to open it for him, she did, within the box lay a soul orb, not an orb that gathers souls, but a soul itself. Asellus placed it to Scarab's chest letting it seep in.

False Elvolved State Scarab's bright red eyes dimed, as his legs grew weak and his body sunk to the floor, he motioned for Asellus to stand back, and she did...
A Spear suddonly peirced through Scarab's outter shell, and slices from front to back, spreaing the inside appart, out stepped Scarab, in his new form, His Armor however is not made of steel but it is part of his flesh, eyes glowing as bright as ever, he thanked Asellus.
Scarab, later met with his old teacher SharkLord, and he to joined sX for a breif while, to teach Scarab once more. They went out on a Quest together to kill off the remaining Dark Elementals, they spent many days doing so, and during this time, Scarab merged with two Elemental Warriors, Nimbus Moonlight the Holy Wind, and Midori Lucied a Lightning Elemental Shard. He evolved even more, now looking almost completely human now, his personality merging with those he joined with.
After returning from his Journey, he met up with an old friend from his jG days, Bludsuca, and has taken quite an interest in her.