Requirements to Attain Godhood :
  1. You must of completed 10 Quests to seek a Godhood.
  2. You also need a site that contains :
    • Bio/History, or Character Stats
    • Why you seek godhood
    • Your views or beliefs on the godhood you are trying to attain
    • Character Picture
  3. After your 10th quest, and your Site is completed, you must do an 11th Quest, to search for a Relic, what type of relic? It is toltally up to you.
  4. After you complete the 11th quest, you must do a Storyline, in the Eternal Dreams forum, and search for Messiah's temple. If he feels you are worthy, you must give him the Relic in exchange for Godhood.
  5. Note : If you fail to complete, exit during, or die in a Quest, then that quest does not count in your toltal 10.

If you attain godhood, your Questing stats will state as so.

Gods are immortal, they may interact with whoever they please, they may bless or curse individuals, but they cannot use their powers against other gods.

Gods may not be in any Kingdoms, Tribes, or Clans. However, they may choose 3 Demi-Gods, and the Demi's may stay in their Clan.

Where is the List of Available God Hoods? Well, we don't have one, we have decided to let the Player choose what type of God Hood their character shall seek. Once Messiah has a few individuals, there will be a list of Gods.