Starting A Quest
First to start a Quest you will need players.
In #Vamppub or any other Tyran room, ask in (('s if anyone would like to quest, it should look like this :
((Would anyone like to Quest?))
You may also plan a quest, and schedule it for later, you should post that you will be running the quest on a certain date and time in the Quest Master Forum on the Tyran Post.

After getting the players to join you in your Questing room, you will need to ask them for information reguarding their characters.
1. Their Character Race.
2. Do they use Majik
3. What weapons they have.
4. It may be good to ask their age. (Optional)
These will help your quest run smoother.

If you have decided to give out items, please get a notebook and write down who is in the quest, and write down what they obtain, then after the quest is over, please post the results in the Status Forum on the QM Post (Listed near the bottom of this page).

Now it is time to choose a Battle System.
Tell the players how you will run the fights.
Example of Turn System :
QM will call out someone's nic, followed by attack, (Null Attack), and then, and then only will that person be able to attack, no re-action lines.

Also let the players know if you will allow reviving, Able to Revive, or Not Able to Revive.

Next is simple, you will ask if they are ready, if you get all yes's then you may start the quest.

You the Player may also ask in open, if there are any QM's in brackets and request a for a QM to run a Quest, if they haven't already offered

Battle Systems
Note : Quest Masters will most often type in CAPS. But you can however choose not to, but only if you are not being tested. (See Testing Section)

System 1. Turn System
This system works on turns, during a battle the Quest Master that is running the quest will call out a Character's name, when a Quest Master does this, then and only then may the Character attack. The Quest Master determines how much damage is done, if any, or if they missed. Re-action lines are not required.

System 2. Real Time System
In Real Time System, Characters fight at will, they do not wait for turns, the Quest Master still determines the amount of damage delt. Re-action Lines are Required

System 3. Turn & Real Time Blend
In this system, you may combine the Turn and Real Time systems, the Quest Master will start out a Quest, and the Characters may fight in the Turn System at first, but lets say they are divided, if the Quest Master is on a PC, they may create a character for the quest, and the Characters may fight like they do in Arena. Re-action Lines required, Quest Master will call hits.

If you die in a Quest, you do not die in the game. You may stay in the room and watch the rest of the quest, or leave the Questing room. You may be revived 3 times,on the third time if you die your out of the quest, in some quests you might not be able to revive at all.

Quest Master Testing
Quest Master testing will not be based on speed, it will be based on your Imagination, you will hold a quest, and the Quest Master that is testing you will determine how well you did, if he/she sees that you did a good job, then they will grant you a Quest Master title.

*Update on Testing :
How One is Tested -
You will run a Quest, while the judging QM either watches or participates.
Grading -
You are judged not only on your Imagination, but also on how well you control the Quest, if you cannot control the players and the Quest, then you fail, if you have a bad imagination, then you fail. (I doubt that any of you will have a bad one though)
You must type in CAPS on your test, but it's your choice to use CAPS after passing.

People Up for Testing :


You can Request to be tested on the QM post, or the QM forum on tha Tyran Post.

Current Quest Masters
These will be the first QM's if I get the HQM position. Quest Master List :

Grand QM's

Elvin_of_Ixchel Status

Novice QM's


Quest Master Levels
There are three Quest Master Levels.

Head Quest Master is in charge of the website, post, and all the questmasters.

Grand Quest Masters have the ability to test others that wish to be a Quest Master, and have the ability to grant them that desired position.

Novice Quest Masters can hold quests, but cannot test others that wish to be a QM.

All 3 levels may reward players with items.

Effective Questing
Here are some Questing Tips & Hints.

Try using the "Detect/Search" spell, or action, on rooms or people, this will usually get you items, or reveal traps.

Know your Elements.
Some enemies might have an elemental feature, so if your weapons are uneffective, try using magic.
4 Basic Elements :
Fire Water Geo Wind
4 Hybrid Elements :
Magma (Fire&Geo) Weak to Water/Ice
Ice (Water&Wind) Weak to Fire/Magma
Mud (Water&Geo) Weak to Fire/Ice
Lightning (Fire&Wind) Weak to Water
4 Greater Elements :
Holy & Light
Chaos & Darkness

You may also use things from your surroundings in combat.
Say you are in a Graveyard, and are being attacked by skeletons, if your character is strong enough, they could pick up a tombstone and toss it at the skeletons.

I'm working on an Items list for Quests only, these items will help you out in quests, if you wish to help out visit the Items forum on the QM Post below.

I am thinking of setting up a shop (on the QM Post), where you may not only buy better weapons, but you may also sell old ones, this will be made possible once I can get a few others to help me out.

Quest Master Post
This Post is for Quest Master use, but if you want to be tested post here, Please go here to post your stats after a Quest.

Quest Master Post

End Quest Status

Stats include Exp. points, Quest Coins, and Items found.