Simple Dice
In Simple Dice, you really have no room for Error, you either hit or you don't its that simple.

You start your attack by rolling a d2.

1 is a hit, 2 is a miss.

Players have 10HP, and cause 1 Damage.

Example of an Attack :
Null Peirces Solder4's Shoulder
Null : d2
DarkPhase Null Rolled a d2, and Achieved a 2
QM : Null Misses.
You may Add Tactics.

1. An Opponet can move behind a Player, and if another Player attacks, and hits, they would be hitting a fellow Player, Not the Enemy.
Golem2 moves behind Player2.
Player 1 attacks Golem2

Player1 d2
DarkPhase Player1 rolled a d2 and achieved a 1.
QM : Player2 roll a d2.
Player2 d2
DarkPhase Player1 rolled a d2 and achieved a 2.
QM : Player2 manages to Dodge.

Thats Right, you can Possibly Dodge a BackAttack.

In the Case that a Boss Enemy attacks the Whole group, everyone must roll a d2, getting a 1 means you have been hit, getting a 2 means you dodged.

In this System, Expect Battles to take much longer.