In Quest Dice, there are several factors that come together to form your attack. I'll explain the system here.

1. When attacking you will roll a d50. If you receive 1-25 it means that you hit, however if you rolled 26 to 50 it means you missed.
A Player can either type their attack first then roll, or roll first to see if they hit, then type the attack if they did, or stumble if they missed.

2. Damage Roll
When you hit your target you will then roll for damage, your damage roll varies from weapon to weapon, the two average rolls are d5 (Dagger default), d10 (Sword Default).

3. HP - your HP is determined by your current Level, anyone thats questing for the first time will start at Lv1, 100HP, you need 100xp to get to Lv2, 200xp. and so on and so on.
4. Magic Attack - your Magic damage roll will start at d10 if you've never quested before, it will go up to d11 as you get to Lv2, and so on and so on.

- Now We get into the more advanced area of the battle system.

Skills - Skills are bought with XP (Experience Points), you must have gained 250xp to buy a skill, you will not be demoted for spending XP. Skills may also lay dormant in certain weapons, or equipment

1. Critical - This increases your Hit %. Buying Critical once will let you roll up to 26 and still hit, if a player has a Critical of +5 they can roll up to 30 and still hit.

2. Combo - This increase the amount of times you may hit one opponet in one turn, or how many opponets you may attack in one turn.
Players with a Combo of +1, will roll 2d#, a Combo of +2 is 3d#.
To attack a single opponet serveral times, a Player with a combo of +2 would roll 3d#.
To attack several opponets in one turn, a Player would with a combo of +2 would roll 3 d# (note there's a space between the 3 and the d).

3. Counter - This allows you a chance of counter attacking when attacked, Lv1 counter costs 250xp, Lv1 counter usage : you must roll a d50, if you get 5 or less you may then counter attack.

4. Charge - This allows a Player to charge for their turn, next turn if they attack, and land a hit, 10 damage is tacked on. Damage will be determined on what Charge Level you have.

5. Cease - This allows a player a chance to avoid battle, you must roll a d10, if you get a 1 you get to avoid battle.

6. Theivery - This will allow you to steal items from enemies, items that you normally cannot obtain, a warning though, not all enemies have something to steal. (Not yet implemented)

Now we get into Summons.

Summons are Pets kept by the Player, Summons will hit Automatically for certain amounts of damage, Summons only gain XP if a Player uses them in a Quest Typed Battle. Summons earn whatever their Master earns. Summons have 4 Levels, Familar, Pet, Summon, & Guardian, to learn more about summons please check the summons page.