Body Points
This is a Special System, Player's HP is Converted to BP. It lays out as this :
Head 1 BP
Torso 3 BP
Arms 2 BPLegs 2 BP

You attack upon your Turn.

Turns are Determined by a High Roll. When a QM called for High Roll, you roll a d50, and the Attack order goes from highest to lowest.

To Attack you must first roll a d5.
1 = Legs, 2 = Arms, 3 = Torso, 4 = Miss, 5 = Head.
For Successful Hit you get on your Opponet, you take off 1 BP, if you hit them in the Head, or if you are hit in the Head, then its Game Over.

Example of an Attack :
Null : d5
DarkPhase Null Rolled a d5, and Achieved a 3
Null Stabs Solder3's Torso

This is a Risk Filled System, you cannot use Armor, and you can only cause 1 damage. But it is Junctioned with the XP KILL System, which makes it worth the risk.