Battle Systems & XP Systems
Note : QMs will most often type in CAPS. But you can however choose not to, but only if the Players don't mind.

Battle Systems

System 1. Turn System (XP System Used : Task)
This system works on turns, during a battle the Quest Master that is running the quest will call out a Character's name, when a Quest Master does this, then and only then may the Character attack. The Quest Master determines how much damage is done, if any, or if they missed. Re-action lines are not required.
Example :
QM : Null Attack
Null attacks in some fancy way
QM : Null does this amount of damage

System 2. Real Time System (XP System Used : Task)
In Real Time System, Characters fight at will, they do not wait for turns, the Quest Master still determines the amount of damage delt. Re-action Lines, or Self-Confirming a Hit is required.
Explanation :
This means Players attack whenever, but you the QM still determines the damage delt. Example :
Null slashes at Solder2's arm
QM : Soldier2's Arm is struck.

System 3. Free Roam (XP System Used : Task)
In free roam, players can attack at will and determine damage, however, if the QM is controlling the enemy party, you can still be attacked or perhaps killed. Explanation :
In Free Roam, players Roam freely, they may attack, act, heal and determine the damage dealt.

System 5. Statistical Dice (XP System Used : Kill)
For Information on this System please, Click Here

System 6. Body Points (XP System Used : Kill)
Body Points is a Dice System, designed to give you a more Realistic feel. Players HP also Differs. For More Information Please Click Here.

System 7. Simple Dice (XP System Used : Task)
Simple Dice was made to be, well Simple, but it still has its Tactics. Click Here for more Info.

XP Systems

1. Task System :
Used mostly in Non-Dice Battles, with the Exception of the Simple Dice system. Task XP revolves around preforming certain Tasks to get through the Quest, Each Task you complete nets you 5xp. You may now go beyond that 30xp limit.

2. Kill System :
Used Exclusively with Body Points and Statistical Dice. The Kill system rewards you with both XP and QC based on what Enemies you killed, Only by Killing your opponets may you Advance. No longer is there a 30xp limit.

If you die in a Quest, you do not die in the game. You may stay in the room and watch the rest of the quest, or leave the Questing room. You may be revived up to 3 times (if reviving is enabled), on the third time if you die your out of the quest, in some quests you might not be able to revive at all.