Male Elf w/a Long Bow
Male Dwarf w/an Axe
Paladin w/a deformed hand
Dark Templar Knight (First Choice for Black Knight, but changed my mind)
Incomplete Chess Set (Minis on a Board)
Black Knight Front Close Up(Vampire)
Black Knight Back
Black Pawn (Orc)
Black Pawns (8 Orcs)
Black Queen (Sirithis)
Black Rook (Pillar of Evil)
White Rook (Pillar of Good)
White Pawn (Skeleton w/Halberd)
White Pawns (7 Skeletons w/Halberd)
White Bishop (St. Tarkus Dire Dead Inquisitor)
Justine 2
Justine 3
Jester 2