I'll skip the talk, and lets get straight to it.

We'll be using a Mapper Tool, located at Draac's Site

There are 2 Text fields, Type the URL to the image that you want to make into an Imagemap in the lower one. Click the Submit button, and your image should load.

Next step is to get the location, or coordnates for the links. You can have as many as you want and they can even layer over each other slightly. To get your first coords, click the upper left of the area that you want to be a link, a set of 2 numbers should appear, now click the lower right area of the image that you want to be the rest of that same link, and another set of numbers should appear.

Looks like this : Click Here

You can get as many Coords as you want, but If you are aiming for several, you should write down the coords in a notebook, and include next to them what they will link to.

Next comes the actual code.

I will give 2 Sets.

Normal Imagemap Code

onMouseOver Alt Imagemap Code

The codes are in .txt format for easy Copy & Paste use.