GenesisZeniths' Bio

This is the Family Crest

Let me introduce myself, I am GenesisZenith. I currently live in an old Inn that Atlas and I have restored. It has a storage area for the weapons I have made, along with various items. I sell my wares to anyone requesting them. I'm a Blacksmith, Elf and a Magi. A Magi is a person who can either infuse a weapon with an element or an item.

I spend most of my time at my shop making weapons that are nessecary in Tyran's Cove to survive. When I tire of working, I go to the pub for a drink and to socialize with my freinds.

One day as I was coming out of my shop I saw a beautiful young woman banging on the gates to Tyran's Cove. They wouldn't open for her at first. I saw such panic in her eyes I had to come see what the problem was. As I arrived at the gate it had openned and she fell in with the gates slamming behind her. She was hysterical about something being after her. I stepped up to her slowly as not to frighten her. She was so scared and sad looking that I put out my hand in friendship. She timidly accepted my hand.

I told her to call me Genesis, she in turn said her name was Myst_erious. She insisted that I call her Myst. I asked if she needed any help. She began to sob uncontrollably. As I held her she told me about a terrible tragedy with her family. They had all been killed, and my heart went out to her. She let me hold her in my arms until she stopped crying. Myst felt so good in my arms, words cannot explain the feelings I had for her.

I asked if she needed a place to stay and she replied yes timidly. I asked if she would like to stay at my home. She was a bit scared, but took the offer upon a condition. She is proud and she said the only thing she could pay me with was to sew for me and the towns ladies gowns. I accepted her terms of her offer it let her keep her dignity and self worth. It seemed as if that was all she had left. As the days go by, I find myself completely falling for her. However, my rival for her affections is ViolenceJack.

(He thinks about VJ and kicks at the ground not knowing what to do about him. He knows he could never best him in a fight for her.)

Myst_erious has asked if I could make one of the old Inn's rooms restored to living quarters for her. She can sleep and do her sewing in there too. So I have been busy building her room. I hope she likes her room when I am finished with it.

(grins thinking of Myst_erious)

This is the door to my Armory Shop, please drop in and see if there is anything you would like to buy or have specialy made. Thank you for dropping by and be safe till we meet again in Tyran's Cove.