Holy : A strong weapon against any undead creature, Holy is the element of life.

Darkness : Powerful against humans or any creature of light, Darkness can cause a victum to go blind. This is the element of death.

Fire : A hot element that burns, it is strong against lightning, and earth, It's weakness is water or ice, wind helps to either feed or spread fire.

Water : A wet element that is mainly used for healing items, Lighting and water are a powerful combination, water is weak to Wind and Earth.

Ice : A hard cold element, Ice is weak against Fire, Earth and Lightning, It absorbs Water and Wind.

Wind : A breezy element, Wind absorbs Fire and Lightning, but is weak to Earth and Water.

Lighting : A form of light and energy element, Lighting is weak against Earth, Darkness and Holy, It can cause Fire, Water strengthens it, Wind and Ice are absorbed.

Earth : A hard, yet soft element, Earth can range from stones to dirt, Its weak against water and Lightning, Fire makes it stronger, Wind has no effect. Earth may also be used to make healing items.