Torin was born into a household of quite peaceful vampires, he was raised by then until the age of 4, when his life changed forever.
A band of slayers raided the house killing all of his father and mother, the slayers had mistaken Torin for a human child, and thought they were resquing him.
Torin was raised by an adopted Father and Mother, for those years that seemed to pass quickly he still was not happy, he would kill insects with odd potions, as he grew older it would be animals, until one day, he tried out a new potion in the well, and poisoned the village, not meaning to cause harm, just having the interest to see what effects it had on people. He had learned early on that he was of a different standard than the rest of the village, for his potions did not effect him.
The results of contaminating the well, were disaterous, it started a plague, his adopted parents died soon after and he left the village.
Torin went about to educate himself in these potions he had been concocting, becoming an Alchemist. He travels to a town on te far edge of the containant, looking for a reason why he felt this need to drink blood, he met up with an escapee from the raid early in his life, and heard to news of what happened.
Trorin was enraged, yet, he had learned that fighting just was not his way, his familes had died because of his mistakes. He heard the slayers had traveled to a place called Tyran, and took a trip to that land, wanting to warn the people in it of the slayers.
Unfortunately no one would listen to his pleas, so he came up with a plan.
One day in the pub, he met a man named Omega, and they talked of slayers, he falsely joined the ranks of SS, and they taunted the patrons of the pub. This however was not working.
Torin found out the reason it was not working was that Omega wasnt a true SS, it was a dead group in this land, so he formed his own Slayer group, to spread chaos, in his own twisted mind this would warn people of slayers.
He gathered information on the former god of majik, and concocted a plan to show the devastation that a slayer can cause, he stole the blood of life and fed it to vampires, poisoning them with life.
However something unexpected happened. Torin infected Shaylin_of_Dk, an innocent to pain. He became to fall for her, and he even bargained to give out the antidote if she would marry him. She agreed, but did not love him.
Time passed, and Shaylin gave birth to her and Torin's son, a side-effect to the blood of life, had made Shaylin pregnant. They had both fallen for each other now, and Torin gave out the antidote without Shaylin having to marry him.
Torin and Shaylin now lived together in Farkeep, with his orcen comrades, around the time of te great Vb Dk war, Torin sent a troop of Orc warriors to help out and get Shane safely out of the war filled manor, and he managed to do all this, without fighting.
As time went on, Shaylin grew apart from Torin as his meetings lead on late into the night. A new terror arrived, a demon named Garramon, came to this land to treaten all those that bared the Malvernis name. Torin cauht Shaylin practicing to kill Garramon one day, and even though she lied to him about what she was doing he, pretended along with her, as his fear of losing her began.
A Few years back, a man named Malvernis traveled to Tyran along with his son and daughter, Malvernis was a cruel and wicked man, he sold his children into slavery, his son was killed in an collapsed mine, Torin was nearby and had taken his identity, freeing his new sister, they fled to Farkeep home of their father, but Malvernis was already slain by TerminusNadir.
In the present Shaylin breaks it off with Torin, his fear becoming reality, he loses all that he holds dear as he kills himself and Garramon in an explosion so great, that it wakes Shaylin from her sleep.
Shaylin greives the loss of Torin for a short time.
But he is far from dead. Torin emerges alive from the depths of Tyran and finds his way to the pub, where he meets Shaylin, she thinks he's ghost, and they converse for quite some time.
Torin litterally begs for a second chance with Shaylin, even after hearing all that has gone on while he was away, he still loves her. He gets the chance to at least talk with her once more.
Weeks pass, and the man that had taken Shaylin while Torin was thought for dead returns, and with that, Torin's joy fades away, he will keep to his promise never to abandon Shaylin ever again, but the pain of losing her to another is greater than the explosion that caused Farkeep to crumble. He thought they would have a chance, but as all things in life for him, he should of known, Torin is damned to be alone forever.