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Good Characteristics:

  • Down-to-earth
  • Independent
  • Determined
  • Fair
  • Ambitious
  • Organised

Bad Characteristics:
  • Proud
  • Mouthy
  • Stubborn
  • Unforgiving

As a 'Number EIGHT' person, you have all the right characteristics to succeed in life: you're tough, ambitious, loyal, down-to-earth and a good judge of folk. And while other people will claw their way over even their friends to get to the top, you won't do that: you rely on you.

But a 'number eight' person is easily misunderstood. You say what you think and others may feel that you don't care what they think because you hide your true feelings. And sometimes you can be stubborn to the point of stupid!

Overall, you're an energetic and organised thinker which means jobs in science, law and finance will seem like cool careers to you. Healing, psychology and medicine would also work and 'number eights' drawn to the arts and music show a professionalism that none of the other numbers have.

Famous Number Eights

Music: B*Witched's Edele, Keavy and Sinead, Matthew Marsden, Five's Sean, 911's Spike

Acting: Matt Damon, David Duchovny, Elizabeth Taylor

Others: Naomi Campbell