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Though I do prefer to keep certain aspects of my life private. Family life is very important to me and I will from time to time share family photos and stories.

Playing the character of Maeve was a rewarding experience that I enjoyed greatly. It however allowed me little time to see my family. After a year of filming Sinbad I made the difficult decision to leave the show. It was not a decision made lightly but one I feel was in the best interest of my family.

These days my son Rory and my fiancee Dean keep me pretty busy. No, were not married yet for those of you wondering.

My 8 animals also part of my family take up a great deal of my time. Yes you heard that right 8 animals. In case your wondering, theirs Palo an 11 yr old alley cat, Cneajna pronounced (Knee-Ahjnah) a 7 yr old alley cat I adopted from the pound, Goblin a 9 month old black cat, Woof an 8 yr old German sheepdog who I share custody of with my ex-husband, Barkely a 3yr old male Golden Retriver who belongs to Dean and is epileptic, Seamus pronounced (Shay-muhss) a 3 yr old Bassett Hound who I call my special needs dog because he seems a little slow. Then theirs Freckle my sons goldfish who is actually silver, my Fresian horse Pagan, then my rabbit Bridey Penelope. You think I might need a farm for all my animals :)