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Full Name: Jacqueline Marie Collen
Birthdate: February 27
Sibling's: 2 older brother's
Hair color: Reddish Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5"10

A stasquese beauty at 5"10 with glorious auburn hair Jacqueline formerly played Maeve a strong-willed sorcerer's apprentice who keept Sinbad just out of harm's way in the syndicated series "The Adventures of Sinbad." "I loved playing Maeve because she was independent, strong and compassionate," said Collen. "So many women's roles are one-dimensional. Maeve gets to be friend, sparring partner and heroine all in one. I felt like I knww her." Since ending her role as Maeve on "The Adventures of Sinbad" Jacqueline has had numerous guest roles and appeared in several comemrcials. These days Jacqueline has taken a break from any major acting to enjoy free time with her family.

How would you describe Yourself?

Gosh! I don't know. I am the ultimate earth mother. I guess very nuturing & compassionate. I have been told that I am Eathreal. Yes I know they say that on the other official web site but they got that description from what I told them. I had heard people have just told me that. I don't feel like I fit in most places so I tend to float around in public situations. I feel like a ghost watching everything happening around me & I guess that's why I'm not as self-assured as Maeve is.

Some of my favorite things:

  • Hobbies & Intrests: I love to go to Renaissance & Medival faires! I love horses...all animals really. I love hanging with my kid & my man. I love the ocean. I love books!!!! & going to Flea Markets!! I draw...I garden... I love to go to outdoor farmer markets & then cook up all the fresh wonderful organic food that I find. I love the outdoors & nature & the moon & stuff like that. I love music...& New Age things like crystals & incence & Tarot Cards & all of that.
  • Favorite Music: I love to listen to Celtic & Gothic Music, I like Nine Inch Nails, & Type o Negative...Stuff like that..
  • Favorite Foods: Well my favorite food is probably chocolate, but if you want to know real food... probably Indian. I love anything that's vegetarian except eggplant...Yuck!!!