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This unofficial site is made possible by an online community of BSB fans
throughout the world and contains hundreds of pages about the Backstreet Boys
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Last updated: September 20, 1999. Click here to find out what's new.
The Millennium began

Click here for unreleased 'N SYNC video information.

Click here to vote for Larger Than Life on MTV's Total Request Live.

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What's New in the Backstreet Bulletin
Current Events
  • Millennium
    Information, lyrics, sound clips and pics from the new CD.
    Updated May 17.
  • Picture Gallery
    Over 1,000 pictures captured from TV and video appearances.
    Pics from the "Larger Than Life" video
    Updated 9-15-99 .
  • The BSB-5000
    5,200 Backstreet Boys Pictures from all over the Internet.
  • The BSB Gallery of Fine Art
    Over 170 hand drawn pictures by Backstreet.Net readers
    Updated May 24 .
  • The Canadian CD's
    Browse the lyrics from their first two Canadian CD's. Find out how to order them.
  • Biographies
    Get the scoop on each member.
  • Backstreet.Shop
    Shop for BSB merchandise online.
  • Backstreet Personals
    Personal Ads from readers.
  • The BackBoard
    Discuss your thoughts and opinions with other Backstreet.Net readers.
  • BackChat
    Chat with other Backstreet Boys fanatics online now!
  • Surveys
    Participate in these interactive Backstreet Boys surveys. The results are automatically updated and displayed when you submit your answers.
    Updated March 20
  • The Voting Booth
    Vote for the Backstreet Boys in various online polls. Updated May 9
  • Fanatics Quiz
    This quiz changes every time you take it. Answer all of the questions quickly to add your name to the Top 25 Fanatics List.
    New questions added June 1
  • Fun & Games
    Word Searches, Sliders, Bubble Burst. New game added Sep 15
  • The Guestbook
    Sign the guestbook
    View the guestbook

Looking for the sound clip of Britney Spears 'dissing the BSB?
Check the old features page by clicking here.

Looking for an import copy of Backstreet's Back or the original self titled CD?
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