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It seems that in our society, people with Compulsive overeating are not taken seriously in spite the fact that they have a serious eating disorder. While many women suffer from this illness, there is a high number of men that also suffer. Everyone seems to glorify thinness while we can't tolerate those who are obese. Compulsive overeating is a serious eating disorder that should not be taken lightly by those who suffer or by the people who love and care about them.

Overeating is characterized by episodes of gorging, continuous eating and of weight gain. Please note, that there is a difference between compulsive bingeing and the occasional overindulgence we can all be guilty of once in awhile. The weight of an individual suffering from compulsive overeating may vary from normal to sever obesity. A sufferer may attempt over exercising or "compulsive exercising" in an attempt just to burn calories and lose weight. Often they will sneak away from anywhere to closed doors to exercise in privacy. Where the average person can enjoy to exercise for health benefits, the suffer often does not and seems to forget that exercising can be fun or enjoyable. By over exercising, the suffer seems to feel they are in control and they gain a sense of self-respect. Like Anorexia and Bulimia, the sufferer is driven and fueled by their fear of gaining more weight.

It is easy to see how many over eaters can later develop Bulimia Nervosa or Anorexia Nervosa. Eating disorders are the preoccupation with body shape, food, thinness and control and it's no surprise when it today's world we all seem to want the perfect body and shape in which we can feel good and accepted.