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Amongst the cacophonic cries of the city an organization of dire efficiency exists. They observe, research, plan and devise magikal solutions for the blemishes they see in the world. The Tiamat Cult is an evil aligned organization, predominantly composed of necromancers and priests who follow the will of Tiamat. The Tiamat Cult is an organization that fully believes in the old jewel; knowledge is power. Within the libraries of this organization, the secrets of the demiplane are craftily sealed away.

The Cult has managed to keep itself in good repute with the denizens of the world. The average person does not know the true nature of the religion and the Cult has been careful to craft an image as the benefactor. The 'Followers of Tiamat' are often seen in a positive light as the organization has spent countless amounts of currency towards charities such as homeless shelters and public libraries.

The main branch of the cult is located in Muhar of Har'Akir. The city of Har'Akir has seen exponential growth from the influence of the Cult. With their ability to create 'Nicht' gates between domains they have provided water to the parched city and brought many of their ranks with them. The current population of the city is 8000. In it's markets one can find everything from shadufs to shotguns. The Cult office has a staff of approximately eighty in its employ. At least twenty-five are within the office at any one time. In addition to the staff of legal representatives, clerks and researchers there is always ten or more fully armed guards and a supervisor at hand. The guards are of assorted classes but are ALWAYS of the seventh experience level. A typical warrior guard would posses a suit of field plate armor, a shield (often worn on the back), a one handed melee weapon and a firearm of some description. The supervisor is either a priest or necromancer of the twelfth experience level or greater. Other cult offices are located in Port-a-Lucine of Dementlieu, Mordentshire of Mordent, Nartok of Necropolis and Kantora of Nova Vaasa. Beyond there, certain members of high prestige within the Cult maintain recognized establishments. An example of which is Alhazrad’s Tower, which straddles the Barovia/Borca border near the Shadow Rift.