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The words of Tiamat are well heeded by her followers. It is known that Tiamat herself crafted the original tomes. They are a well-guarded treasure of the cult. The following are the most important tomes, accompanied by excerpts.

The Dawn
This tome details the second rise of Tiamat into the physical world. It read only on the sixteen day of the second month in a religious mass that lasts two hours.

Lostovo, seventh head of Tiamat, seer of living truths, head of prophecy speaks.
And Khomos, who was the first to witness the great Hydra, crawled from the ashes of his once magnificent castle.
And he was relieved, for Machinelle, 6th head of Tiamat, Lord of the rats, head of the survivor had spared him.
And Khomos slept but in his mind matters were disturbed. For he saw man in a time not yet arrived, yet arriving none the less.
In this time, man built nation upon nation and all nations opposed each other.
And in their greed they nurtured the eggs of Tiamat.
And in their recklessness they nurtured the eggs of Tiamat.
And they had hatred in their hearts and greed in their minds.
And Tiamat used their fears and Tiamat used their desires and the Hydra reared all seven heads, and thus the hatching began...
The Hatching
The second book, The Hatching is an archive of short, scriptural verse. It's passages are used as chants and ritual invocations.

And the humans hatched the eggs of Tiamat.
And the eggs spewed fire into the air.
And the air burned.
And the mountains shook.
And the water boiled.
And those born were living but dead.
And the weak were burned from the earth.
The Awakening
This text details the spiritual concepts of Tiamat. Within its pages the members of the Tiamat Cult have found the awareness in which they share.

Khomos awoke and wept for he knew this to be true. However Lostovo brought himself forth from the shadows and spoke to Khomos.

"Thou weepest in vain for thou hast not learned the lessons of Tiamat."

And Lostovo's third eye opened, being the eye of foresight. And Lostovo showed him the new world. The world after the hatching. The world of Tiamat. And it was Glorious.