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Dear Madam or Sir(loin):

It has come to our attention that a certain trial installment has been prior due. Repeatedly!! Obviously this in most certainly and obviously not the dervish washer treatment we have come to expect and hail to in the middle of the night, obviously. You leave us with only one course of action!! A partially contained slaughter of all opposition to the lack of slaughter, possibly polaroids, not to mention iceteroids, will be an issue. The second course of action under consideration in fact does not include any hairless mammals at all (!!?). So, in conclusion, don't trust anybody familiar and don't forget to remind yourself not to forget that nothing is as it seems to the untrained eye. Send your peepers of to the academy today, and get a free refund in case of optical accidental toilet related loss! Gah, he got me, pardner. I can feel the life's blood draining from this world-worried corpse. Just want to say, goodbye and whatever you do,, DON'T LISTEN TO ANYBODY WHO EATS BUGS!!! It's probably a trick. I love you, crazy world!

P.S. Finished reading It. Good stuff. Tanks a bleedin' ton, wot?

P.P.S. Yes, it's true the sun does do funny things to people's heads. I killed a dolphin today and raped it's corpse.
Hun Came