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The following has been presented as a kit.

OccultistRelavent Information
Social Ranks (2d6)
2-4 lower Middle Class
5-8 Upper Middle Class
9-12 Upper Class
RequirementsMinimum intelligence of 14. Minumum Wisdom of 12. This kit is barred to those of good alignment.
Weapon ProficientciesWeapons wielded by the Tiamat Cult are never crafted of wood or stone. Subjested weapons include all graceful swords, whips and morning stars (spiked ball and chain)
Recimmended Non-Weapon Proficiencies Spellcraft, Priestcraft, Herbalism (Poisons/Toxins), Animal Handling (Snakes)
Equipment Characters of this type often carry their membership card on their person.
Recomended MeritsPoison Resistance
BenefitsMembers have access to some of the cult's resources. For player characters this may include the learning of necromantic spells, learning of skills and proficientcies, weapons training and access to occult libraries.
HinderancesMembers of the Tiamat Cult who are identified as being so, recieve a -2 reaction adjustment against those they are trying to co-erse or otherwise gain the trust of.
WealthMembers of the Tiamat Cult recieve 1d6x100 gold on starting