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Scene VII - Going in Circles

1: Oh man, are these magazines old.
4: Youre telling me. And I have this weird feeling Ive seen them somewhere before.
1: Me, too. So, howd you die?
4: I forgot to pay the mob back.
1: You cant just forget to pay back the mob!
4: I can. It wasnt the first time either. Theyd already shot me in the knee and accidentally stabbed my twin brother thirty-seven times in the chest while he was trying to explain about us being twins and all.
1: And you still forgot to pay them back?!
4: I guess Im one of those people who just never learns.
1: Ill say.
4: So, howd you die?
1: Well, I was driving my rig along this mountain road, right? And then this weird messed up lizardy thing crawls out and it was...
4: Yes?
1: ... almost as if this memory Id never known I had sprung up in my mind and caused me to swerve and hit it, sending my truck right off in the road, and causing me to perish in a massive explosion.
4: Rough.
1: Yeah.
5: Actually, I do mind a little wait and... where am I?
4: Whoa. What in Gods name is that thing?
5: Im a skink.
4: What the hell is a skink?
5: Me.
1: Its kind of lizard, I think. Where do I remember that from? I dont think theyre supposed to have another set of legs there, though.
4: So, howd you die, little dude?
5: I was sunning myself on the road and some asshole went and ran me over! Howd you guys meet the reaper?
4: I forgot to pay the mob back.
5: Forgot?
4: Yeah, and not for the first time. I guess Im just one of those people who never learns.
5: Forgive me, but that strikes me as incredibly stupid. What about you, buddy?
1: Who, me?
5: Yeah.
1: Howd I die?
5: Yeah.
1: Uh... heart attack.

Or is it?