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Scene V - One Manís Heaven...

1: Excuse me.
6: Yes?
1: Can you tell me where I can find the ice machine?
6: Wherever you wish to find it.
1: Huh?
6: Thatís the way things work here.
5: Uh, hi. Can you fellows tell me where the ice ma... hey, itís you!
1: My man! They stuck you in four, too?
5: You know it.
4: I have a weird sensation of deja vu. Like I met you before we met in the waiting room.
5: Itís probably nothing.
1: Hey, where do you think youíre going, bub? You still havenít told us where the ice machine is.
6: Itís wherever you want it to be.
5: No, seriously. Where is it?
1: Yeah, I can see that you have a bucket full of ice!
6: Heaven is whatever you want it to be. All you have to do is think about something and it will have always been there.
5: Whoa. You think we came to heaven to think?! Youíre not thinking straight.
1: Yeah. What were you thinking?!
6: Just a little concentration and you can create a paradise perfectly...
5: Concentration? There we go again.
1: Iíve been shaped by society to prefer completely passive entertainment.
6: Well, in that case you could just go back to your rooms and watch TV.
1: What channels does this place get?
6: Whichever channels your mind can conceive.
1: Oh, man. Do you have to think about everything here?
5: Is there at least a minifridge with beer?
6: There is if you... ah, whatís the point?
1: Is there anyplace else we could go?
6: Well, you could apply for reincarnation.
5: I donít like flowers.
1: No, it means you like come back again as somebody else.
5: Sounds cool. Letís do it.
1: Sure.
5: Wait. What if we come back as stink beetles or something?
1: Donít worry, I have a way with people. Iíll just stride into the place, find whoever decides who you get to be and say...