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Psychic Wither (Necromancy)*
Range: touch			Casting time: 5
Duration: special/2hrs		Level: 5
Save: negates
Area of effect: 1 target
This spell is an altered form of Vampiric Touch. Through means of this spell, the caster draws 1 point of intelligence(/lvl of the caster) from the target and adds it to his total. The caster also confers the ability to withdraw knowledge forcibly from the target (at a rate of 1 article/lvl) this article can be information or a skill which the caster retains knowledge of for the duration of 2hrs. Acquired intelligence points leave the caster at the rate of 1/hr and return to the target at the same rate.

Create Meat Puppet (ritual) (Necromancy)*
Range: 0			Casting time: 2 hours
Duration: Permenant		Level: 5
Save: none
Area of effect: Special
By means of this spell the caster creates a "Meat Puppet" as described in the mausoleum section of this page. It is treated as a HENCHMAN and follows the caster out loyalty. The materials required for this ritual are 5 lbs/2.2)kg of fresh carion and a linen sheet apx. 30/30cm(1'/1')

Patchwork (Necromancy)*-conditionally
Range: touch			Casting time: 4
Duration: 1 turn/lvl or prmnt.	Level: 5
Save: if target resists (negates)
Area of effect: 1 target
This spell confers one of three effects. 1. The caster may bond a severed limb to his or another's body for the duration of the spell allowing for 1 additional attack. -- The limb has the strength of the original owner. 2. The caster may bond a severed limb to his or another's body where one has been previously severed with the option of permanency. 3. The caster may re-attach a severed limb of his or another's, in which case the spell is permanent.

Demonic Transmogrification (Necromancy/Alteration)*
Range: caster			Casting time: 10
Duration: 1d10rds+2/lvl		Level: 5
Save: nil
Area of effect: caster
By means of this spell, the caster transforms themselves into a massive, horrific creature. The creature should be apx. 8' 6" tall and weight apx. 450 pounds. Hitpoints in this form are that of what the casters would be had they rolled maximum for each lvl. In this state, the caster cannot cast spells. They have STR 19 DEX 16 CON 18 CHA 3 INT 10 WIS 6 AC 3 (5,+2 for dex) #AT's 2: 1d6+6/1d6+6 (+6 for str) Once they revert to their original form, their physical stats are at 5 and return at a rate of 1 point per hour of rest. Appearance of creature is optional.