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Animate Gargoyle (Necromancy/Alteration)
Range: touch			Casting time: 4
Duration: 1rd/lvl		Level: 4
Save: none
Area of effect: 1 inanimate statue
By means of this spell, the caster touches a statue of inanimate nature and brings it into to form of life under the casters control until the duration of the spell expires. The statistics of the creature are identical to that of the gargoyle found in the monstrous manual, modified to fit the affected statue (if it lacks wings, it cannot fly)

Coma (Necromancy)*
Range: 2yds/lvl			Casting time: 4
Duration: 2d4 turns+1/lvl	Level: 4
Save: negates
Area of effect: 1 target
One who falls under the influence of this spell slips into a coma for the duration. At first sight, this person may be mistaken for dead as their pulse is faint and breathing is almost indiscernible.

Touch of Tiamat (Necromancy/Charm)*
Range: caster			Casting time: 4
Duration: 1 turn/lvl		Level: 4
Save: negates
Area of effect: 5yds/lvl of caster
This spell creates a field of negative emotion around the caster. Sentient creatures in the area of effect (not including the caster) must pass a saving throw vs. spell or succumb to a fitting one of their darker emotions (desire, anger, hate, lust, fear, greed, envy, sorrow, hopelessness) These emotions are directed only towards others under the effect of the spell.

Alhazrad's parting gift (Necromancy/Alteration)*
Range: 10ft/lvl			Casting time: 5
Duration: special		Level: 4
Save: negates
Area of effect: 1 inanimate, non-magical object of man sized or less.
This spell allows the caster to transform one object on someone's person, into a mass of rot grubs after 1d4 hours. Tiny items become 1d2 rot grubs Small items become 1d4+1 rot grubs Medium items become 2d3+3 rot grubs Large items become 4d6+2 rot grubs Man sized items become 6d6+4 rot grubs The object which is the target of this spell must be in contact with exposed skin (armour wouldn't work in most cases but a helm or gauntlets usually would.

Rot Grubs:
AC: 9  HP: 1  THAC0: nil  #OF ATs: nil  SZ: tiny
If in contact with living flesh, rot grubs will burrow in quickly, secreting a poison which deadens the skin. The burrowing is quite painful and is noticed immediately. Fire will kill 2-20 grubs per application to infested flesh, after 1d6 rounds, the grubs are far enough into the victims flesh that you would have to incinerate them to burn more. The spell cure disease will immediately slay the infesting Rot Grubs. If the grubs are not hindered, they will reach the victims heart in 1d3 turns, killing the victim as the quickly devour it.