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Vermin Kill (Necromancy)*
Range: 2yds/lvl			Casting time: 3
Duration: Instant		Level: 3
Save: negates
Area of effect: 2ft/lvl of caster
This spell causes a fine, gray mist to rise from the ground which smells of death and decay. It has the power to immediately slay size: T creatures of 1HD/lvl of the caster. The victims will fall, and immediately begin to rot at a rapid rate.

Convulsions (Necromancy)
Range: 10ft/lvl			Casting time: 6
Duration: 1rd/2 lvls		Level: 3
Save: 1/2 duration
Area of effect: 1 target
By means of this spell, the caster causes the target to collapse into fevered convulsions. While in this state, the target can take no action and gains a -6 penalty to their armor class. They also suffer 1d2 dmg/rd from stress on internal organs while under the effect of this spell.

Clarity of Blood (ritual) (Necromancy/Divination)*
Range: 20 miles			Casting time: 3 hours
Duration: 1 turn/lvl		Level: 3
Save: Negates
Area of effect: 1 target
To cast this spell, the caster must fill a vessel, holding no less than 1/2 a litre, with his own blood (dmg and temporary con loss is arbitrarily decided). He then places a personal object of the intended victim within the blood filled vessel. Success in casting the spell allows the caster clairvoyance and clairaudience over the target.