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Bone Storm (Necromancy)*
Range: 10yds/lvl		Casting time: 3
Duration: Instant		Level: 1
Save: 1/2 Dmg
Area of effect: 1 target
This spell causes all inanimate and unliving bones within 10yds/lvl of the caster to shatter into blade like shards and be hurled at a single target. For every 1/2 skeleton (size m) in the area of effect, 1d4 points of damage is dealt to the target, also adding an additional 1 point of damage/lvl of the caster. (example: lvl 3 caster, 1d4 + 3/ half skeleton utilized in this manner). The saving throw for this spell is vs. Breath Weapon. Spell is only affected partly by magic resistance as the bones themselves are not magical (success on magic resistance halves the damage). Bones under the effects of this spell are granted a +1 bonus/lvl of caster for purposes of attacking creatures with resistance's to mundane weapons. Bones may be up summoned from up to 6ft under the ground.

Shivers (Necromancy)
Range: touch			Casting time: 1
Duration: 2rds/lvl of caster	Level: 1
Save: negates
Area of effect: 1 target 
With this spell the Wizard can cause a victim to become somewhat disturbed and weary towards one object, thing or creature in their line of sight. The effects can cause an uneasiness when approaching and nausea. It does not however confer any combat negatives to the victim.

Vultures (ritual) (Necromancy/Conjuration)
Range: Special			Casting time: 1
Duration: See below		Level: 1
Save: none
Area of effect: 1 mile/lvl of caster 
This spell calls forth spectral vultures which appear similar to shadows except are visible in almost all circumstances as they are three dimensional. These Vultures will lead the caster to any location in the area of effect which contains the most substantial amount of corpses. Upon arrival, the vultures cease to exist.

Wall of Souls (Necromancy/Phantasm)
Range: 10ft/lvl			Casting time: 1
Duration: 5rds/lvl of caster.	Level: 1
Save: none
Area of effect: 10ft radius + 1ft/lvl of caster
This spell summons a black, translucent wall of screaming amorphous faces. Anyone attempting to pass through this wall is subject to a wisdom check, failure indicates that the person has been confused by all that they saw and turned around. Preceding attempts to pass through the wall are also subject to a wisdom check but at a cumulative -1 per attempt. Spending a round waiting between attempts will allow for unmodified checks.