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Two People on a Bus
By Evan McBride

1: Is this seat taken?
2: Yeah.
1: Oh.
2: There was a man sitting here.
1: Oh.
2: Yeah.
1: Tall, dark and handsome?
2: I didnít notice.
1: There was a tall dark and handsome fella just got off.
2: Did you happen to notice if he looked back over his shoulder?
1: He didnít.
2: Oh.
1: If he got off, I donít think heíll be needing...
2: He might be coming back.
1: Really?
2: He left his magazine.
1: Not very tasteful, is it?
2: What?
1: I mean, what with the monkeys and all.
2: Itís a National Geographic.
1: They still shouldnít be displaying that sort of thing.
2: I donít have any problem with it.
1: In my opinion, some things belong in private and shouldnít be displayed on a bus seat at all. What are you laughing at.
2: Nothing. Mental picture, thatís all.
1: Youíre blushing.
2: Just because Iím laughing. Mental picture, you know?
1: Did it involve tall, dark and handsome?
2: Mightíve.
1: You didnít notice?
2: Youíre kinda tall, you know.
1: Oh, really? You noticed.
2: Maybe.
1: I suppose I qualify as dark, too.
2: Sípose so.
1: None too handsome, though?
2: Really?
1: Yes. I really should be wearing a bag over my head.
2: Oh, should you?
1: Yes. Do you have one?
2: You can sit here, you know.
1: Weíve reached my stop anyway.
2: My stop was a few blocks ago.
1: Oh?
2: So, youíre leaving, then?
1: I suppose so.
2: You forgot your hat!
1: So I did.
2: Youíre sitting down.
1: Yes.
2: Why?
1: I decided I might not want to go home just yet.
2: I was thinking of seeing a movie... might you...
1: Nothing about monkeys, I hope.
2: No.
1: well, I certainly donít have anything better to do.
2: Nor do I.
1: What a coincidence.
2: Quite the lucky chance indeed.
1: Well, I suppose itís all good, then.
2: I suppose so.