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A World Apart
By Evan McBride

1: Heh heh heh.
2: Nice clouds today.
1: Hee hee.
2: What?
1: Iím laughing.
2: Gotcha.
1: Ha ha.
2: That cloud kinda resembles a potato, donít you think?
1: Tee hee hee.
2: Are you just laughing so Iíll ask you whatís so funny?
1: Uh, are you going to ask me whatís so funny?
2: Do you really want me to?
1: Oh, it doesnít really matter to me either way.
2: Alright, then.
1: Ahahahahaha.
2: No, maybe it looks more like a pillow than a potato.
1: Heh heh. Oh man, thatís funny.
2: Or maybe it more resembles a bag of sugar.
1: Are you going to ask me what Iím laughing at or not?!
2: I thought you said you didnít care.
1: Right.
2: Or maybe the cloudís more of a house shape.
1: Oh ho ho ho.
2: You know, if it had an eye there, it could almost be a frog.
1: Uh, so when are you going to ask whatís so damn funny?
2: Oh, fine. What is it youíve been laughing about the whole time?
1: Oh, I thought youíd never ask. Well, what I was laughing at is...
2: Yes?
1: Uh... I seem to have forgotten.
2: Or maybe more of a hedgehog.
1: Itís your fault, you know!
2: What?
1: You made me forget by not asking sooner!
2: Oh well.
1: You donít care?
2: Not particularly.
1: You donít care at all about what obviously struck me as completely hilarious?
2: How hilarious?
1: Completely, ridiculously, outrageously hilarious.
2: Couldnít have been that funny.
1: Why not?
2: Because youíve forgotten it already. If it had been worth hearing, youíd have remembered it for sure.
1: Well, Iím sure it was very comedic indeed.
2: Maybe. Say, now it looks almost like one of those funny little cars.
1: What?
2: The cloud.
1: You mean the one that looks like a potato?
2: Well, a little like a potato.
1: I think it looks very much like a potato.
2: Indeed?
1: Hey! I just remembered what I was laughing at!
2: So what was it?
1: Youíre asking me? You care what I found so funny?
2: Well, youíll never get off it if you donít tell me.
1: Actually, Iím not so sure I want to tell you anymore.
2: Why not?
1: Well, maybe I hyped it up too much.
2: Hmm...?
1: I mean, maybe itís not all that uproariously, side-splittingly amusing. But is is kinda funny.
2: So why canít you tell me?
1: Your expectations would be too high.
2: I doubt it.
1: No, Iíve decided. I canít say it anymore.
2: It looks vaguely like social polarity if you kind of squint.
1: Simply wouldnít be right.
2: Or if you tilt your head sideways, it could be a discarded toque.
1: Donít you care that Iím just not going to tell you after all that?!
2: Maybe it just looks like a cloud. That or a potato.