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A Most Fortunate Accident
By Evan McBride

1: Hello?
2: Hello.
1: Oh, thank God youíre all right.
2: Where are we?
1: To tell you the truth, Iím not entirely sure.
2: Doesnít look like anyplace familiar.
1: No, it certainly doesnít.
2: How did we get here?
1: Itís all rather blurred in my memory.
2: Yes, all I can recall is a great noise.
1: Now I remember! There was a...
2: Yes, there was! I was afraid I was going to die.
1: I was afraid we were both going to die.
2: But we seem to be all right, wherever we are.
1: Hey, is that a...
2: No, donít think so.
1: Oh.
2: Letís sit down.
1: Thatís a fantastic idea! Iím sorry, by the way.
2: What?
1: Iím sorry.
2: Whatever for?
1: For what I said, when we thought we were going to die.
2: What did you say?
1: Iíd think it would be the type of thing youíd recall.
2: I seem to remember the certainty of my impending death taking up a lot of my attention.
1: I see.
2: What did you say?
1: I said ďI seeĒ.
2: No, when you thought you were going to die.
1: Oh it doesnít matter.
2: Youíre certainly acting like it does.
1: I didnít plan to say it. It just popped out, you know?
2: That means it was honest.
1: What?
2: If it just popped out, that means it was probably honest.
1: Well, perhaps it was.
2: What did you say?
1: Well, I canít say it now!
2: Why not?
1: Just not one of those things you can say.
2: Was it when you said you loved me?
1: What?
2: Back when you thought we were going to die. I thought you said ďI love youĒ.
1: Well, then, why didnít you bloody say so, if you remembered?!
2: I didnít see why you were apologizing so I assumed you meant something else youíd said.
1: No, thatís what I was talking about.
2: Why were you apologizing for it?
1: Well, I just said it because I thought we were dying.
2: Oh. I had kinda hoped youíd meant it.
1: What?
2: When you said you loved me. Iíd thought youíd meant it, thatís all. My mistake.
1: Well, I havenít said I didnít mean it.
2: You implied as much.
1: Well, I sort of might have meant it, maybe.
2: What?
1: Said that I meant it, damn it!
2: Oh. Good.
1: Good?
2: I love you too.
1: You do?
2: Of course I do.
1: Then why the hell didnít you say so?
2: I did. Just now. Remember?
1: No, I mean when I thought we were going to die!
2: I squeezed your hand.
1: So?
2: I thought you knew.
1: Why?
2: Just seems like one of those things youíd just... know.
1: Well I didnít.
2: Now you do.
1: Itís all good then.
2: I love you.
1: I love you too, I suppose.
2: You suppose?
1: Well, no. I suppose Iím certain.
2: Well, youíd damn well better be certain, now that youíve said it and all.
1: Fine. Letís try again.
2: What?
1: I love you.
2: I love you too.
1: There.
2: That felt good.
1: Now where the devil are we?