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The Avatar: Lammashtu
Alla XVI     Mulla XVI
Gigim XVI     Gidim XVI
Lilit     Tela     Keshshaptu     Maskim

Urtux XVI


The Tiamat Cult is broken up into a rigid rank and task system. Ones strengths dictate their path of promotion.

Alla and Mulla
The Living Council. The Alla is comprised of two Demi gods; Katach and Bagahi. Katach is a shadow wyrm of inconceivable intelligence and cunning. Bagahi wields the destructive force of Tiamat. The Mulla are two greater fiends of opposing nature. Tamarca, a succubus of decisive action and truths, accompanies Acramat, an incubus of hypocritical beliefs and actions.
These are the incarnate counselors to Tiamat. Their role is to oversee and experience the physical world to help adapt the efforts of the Cult.

Profession groups the proceeding ranks. Each has seven sub ranks within it based upon experience and skill. One could associate each sub rank with a level of experience if so desired.

Weavers of Deceit. The Gigim are the speakers of lies and those primarily responsible for preserving the image of the Tiamat cult. This rank is primarily composed of evil spirits. Neither the living nor the corporeal are welcome to join this rank.

The keepers of Truth. An elite sect of intermediate fiends, the Gidim are those who keep the libraries and perform religious rites. Every twenty-five years a non-fiend is selected from the cult to join their ranks for a like time in their ranks. The person formerly holding this position at this point returns to their former rank and post.

The Temptresses. This rank is comprised solely of succubi. These fiends carefully acquire additional funds and sacrifices for the Cult. Their means are seducing mortals into willing them their earthly possessions and then exterminating them as vermin when convenient. Within other ranks of the cult, they are often referred to as ‘Pit Bitches’ because of their communal dormitory habits.

Telal and Keshshaptu
Those who specialize in the necromantic arts. This rank is composed of priests and necromancers who specialize in dark magics. Uruku who have finished their seven ranks are welcome to join this sect. Keshshaptu is the name for females of this rank.

The soldiers and bringers of war. This rank has a myriad of members drawn from the mortal coil as well as minor Spirits and lesser Demons. Uruku who have finished their seven ranks are welcome to join this sect.

The Larvae. These are the newcomers to the sect. They are assigned tasks of trivial importance to test their skills and further their learning.

The Law. This is the judicial council primarily responsible for the routing of traitors and the policing of members. They serve as judge, jury and executioner. Cult members marked with a prowess in discerning are invited privately to join this sub-sect.