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The oucast from all vampire kind, there is nothing more loathsome (except perhaps fishbird) than this, "The Spoon Vampire". On a nightly basis he enters people's homes and drinks their spoons.

The avatar to Thalor; god of spoons and lesser flatware, "The Spoon Angel". Defender of truth, justice and everything spoony.

The mortal defenders and upholders of the teachings of Thalor, "The Kights of the Holy Spoon" Charging forth on their mighty spoon steeds, brandishing Spoon Sabres of light.

"The Spoon Sabre"; The Spoon Knight's weapon of mass destruction. Similar to a light sabre but when activated an energy spoon sprouts from the handle making a sound not dissimilar to a rusty chainsaw.

Thalor's attempt at a ravenous minion "The Spoon Shark" is a wretched hybrid between shark and spoon. It swims through the water, gnashing its spoony teeth, waiting for the day that it might find an opertune pudding snack to devour.

"Spoon Dog" was Thalor's attempt to create a new man's best friend to subvert human kind. Perfectly normal but with the shadow of a spoon (somewhat excessively frisky)

A special House of Oddities import from the outermost reaches of our courier Bob, "The Were Spoon" is one of the most frightening things to ever stalk the night. Its raiser sharp edges could evicerate an unsuspecting lump of Jello and leave not a trace.

Our final spoon-esque feature *Myrack sighs in relief* "Spoon Girl" I dont know, she's some kind of crime fighter or something... shiney... Umm... Goodbye! *Myrack points you toward the exit*