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Basic Stats

RealName: Jessica Noelle Jelsma
Age: 17
Birthday: March 16, 1985
Astrologic Sign: Pices
Statis: Dating
Pets: Cat-Bart and Dog-Monroe and Hamster - Berry Peabody
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, chating online, drawing, listening to music, and reading romance novels
Fav Food: Pizza and Pasta
Fav Movie: Red Greens Duct Tape Forever, Spiderman, Star Wars Ep2
Fav tv Show: Buffy and Angel, Queer As Folk, My wife and kids, will and grace
Fav Stars: Christina Ricci
Fav Bands: Pink, Shakira, The Calling, Linkin Park and anything rap and hiphop, but i can listen and enjoy just about anything
Fav Scent: Vanila
Personality: I like to think im kind, understanding and very openminded. Im a good person to talk to. Im always making jokes so watch what you say!!
Personal Theme Songs: Respect by Pink and 18 wheeler by Pink
Nick Name: Jess, Jessy, Lil'Jay, Red Vixen