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Basic Stats

Name: Terran Michelle Nadon
Age: 17
Birthday: Some Wednesday in April in 1985, She wont tell!
Astrologic Sign: Aries
Status: *cough* Socail Reject *cough*
Pets: 2 Dogs, 4 Ferrets
Hobbies: Watching BTVS and Angel Baby and of course Queer As Folk, Photography, Computer Stuff
Fav Food: Subs
Fav Movie: Star Trek, Laberinth
Fav tv Show: BTVS, Angel and Queer As Folk
Fav Stars: anyone from Buffy and Angel
Fav Bands: Beegees
Fav Flower: ???
Fav Scent: Wood Burning
Personality: Funny, kind, openmined, great to talk to, very understanding, talented and YOUR PRETTY, STUPID!!
How we met: We had TAP together since grade 9 but became really close in grade 11 Biology!
Personal Note: Go Hamsters Go!!! You Made The Devil Do it!!!
Nick Name: T. , Pumpkin, Cream pu