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~ If Only ~

If only I could kiss your lips,
And hold you for a while,
Hear your beating heart so close,
Or touch your gentle smile.

If only I could hold your hand,
So tight that you could feel,
The words my heart is holding,
You'd know my love was real.

If only I could speak the words,
I speak when you're not here,
You'd hear the depth of love for you,
And see how much I care.

If only I could show you me,
And from you never hide,
You'd see the person that I am,
And keep me by your side.

If only I could look at you,
With eyes that see so clear,
They'd speak the words, ' I love you'
Be whispered in your ear.

If only I could walk that path,
That reaches to your heart,
I'd close the gate behind me,
And we'd never be apart.

Happy New Years Kasha!