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Christmas Eve at Patty's house

Patty, Dave, Rene, Tim, Kasha, Scott, and myself. There were other people there as well and they were in and out all night long. K and I just stopped in for a couple hours. The food was great! A cheese and pepperoni board to start. Rene made the shrimp quiche. There was an awesome baked ham, deviled eggs, pasta salad, baked beans, chicken carmore, and apple and custard pie...I'm getting hungry again! Dave had his very cool Gibson guitar with him and I brought my Takamine...we barely had time to tune up. Bailey's and coffee before we left. It was a very nice evening...and I got everything I wanted this year from Santa.

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Then of course, there was the NorthStar Bar and Grill

Larry and friend

Crystal and Eddie

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Haunted house

(my neighbor!)

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