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Life Is Good. Eat... Sleep... Bowling!

I do not know what the rest of the human race does but for me bowling is my life.

War, famine, poverty, scandels at the white house who cares as long as I can go bowling nothing else matters to me. All I ever think about is my bowling and how I can become a better bowler. I live for the day when I am good enough to go professional and make a living at it. Basically here is how my day goes: I get up after a good nights sleep and then I eat my breakfast. After that I go to my local bowling alley and work on my game. I usually bowl about 6 to 8 games a day. When I am done bowling for the day I will go home and have dinner and watch television. When I am finished watching television I will spend the rest of the night thinking about my bowling and how I bowled during the day, what I did wrong and how I can correct it the next time I go bowling. After an exhausting night of soul searching on how to improve my game I will go to sleep. I can not wait until tommorrow when I can go bowling again! ~ Bowling Alley Bob