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After all these relationships, and a lot of hours wasted I have come up to one solution, the one thing I have been missing, without such a thing a person is hollow and can not find true happiness or true love. I have succeeded to find mine, and it has taken me far to long to realize that I have not taken care of my relationships, perhaps I took my girlfriends and friends for granted. It is the times when a person is just sitting there thinking of what is missing in their life, I used to think that it was a feeling to belong or a feeling to be wanted. But its not The one soulpurposeits to find the person of thing we cherish most, and with out thisthing we can not reach our soul purpose. I have finally come to realize that I am missing passion. I was passionless and it has lead me to many dark roads alone, as the one I walk on at this very moment. I am too far in to go back now, the one thing that can save me is passion. Now I hope and pray that it can save me from the darkness I have fell into, and that I can find and reach for the one soul purpose I live for. Remember without Passion the mind body and soul is hollow, and it is as good as dead, this brings a conclusion to my un finished story I hoped you enjoyed it.

wish list

[ ] world of warcraft game =P
[ ] pre paid world of warcraft cards =P
haha im such a geek XP, yo its kool man haha

Merry Christmas =D

To many of the people that helped me to make it though the tough times in life haha, another year is finished, I`d like to say thx =D
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