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IERW 02-16





Here you will find color aerial photography of most of the RTs, a BCS study guide and Daily Questions and answers list, a nights study guide, and a kneeboard form for recons and spot reports.  I am also publishing an easy guide to TerraServer, a free open source aerial photography provider from Microsoft that covers a large part of the globe, and most all the United States. TerraServer allows photo reconnaissance of your route.  I just added a link to Navaid and Airport Information, besides listing usual Flight Pubs information, it shows all the flight schools at each airport and the flying clubs with links to their homepages, useful when you want to hook up with more ratings.  If anyone is still using this, if I need to correct old information, or you have study guides or daily questions I don't have, e-mail me at  I will be using this as a review site for myself and new students can keep on using it for the first time.



 BCS Study Guide

 New! BCS Daily Questions

 Kneeboard Recon/Reports Form


 TerraGuide, easy instructions for TerraServer

 Nights Study Guide

 Free Navaid and Airport Data You can use the Latitude and Longitude information to exactly plot the Navaids you want on your map.