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Easy Way to View Most of the United States from the Air.


An easy way to find the aerial view of location you are planning is to find a nearby place name on your Hazards map. Type the name in the “new search” box, and hit “enter”.


next "Find Results for 'curtis, AL, USA'" page will pop up. 


Under "Available Image", click either "Aerial Photo 3/6/1997" or "Topo Map 7/1/1984"


Easiest way to find your way around is click topo map and then find your way down the roads to the location you want an aerial view.  Then once you have centered the topo map on your location, select aerial view from the navigate box on the left of the map. 


the navigate box can also be used to view a bigger or smaller section of the map, and also allows zooming in and out.