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04.06.2K2 - Ahh... news news, a lot has been going on as of late for us. We're heading into the studio next week and the album will be out early summer. Emerald bar show got a little write up from Too Square magazine, if your bored and wanna read it, its Also, look for summer tour dates up soon.- Tommy "stiff dick" Smut

02.27.2K2 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY SMUT, ha! Anyways the show on the 22nd in Orlando is canceled due to the owners personal reasons. The show for the 30th is still on and we could be playing State very soon. And we will begin recording on April 7th.

02.18.2K2 - Well kids looks like we won't be playing with the briefs (go figure) but we do have two shows coming up one of them is on march 22nd in orlando at midtown tavern with the kick. and the other show is here in st pete at the emerald bar with the fizz, that show is on march 30th. please try to come out to one of these.

02.3.2K2 - We're gonna be in the studio in March to record the album "Giving Candy to Little Girls." Look for that in mid to late April. As for shows, we're playing with the Briefs March 22nd. Check the shows section for more info.

01.25.2K2 -  Hey... we missed the cut off date to submit our song for the Ramones compilation due to the fact that we're all poor and lazy. But were going into dead end studio to record with punk rock mogul Generic of the Dead End Kids. We'll keep ya posted on a release date. thank ya fuck.

01.2.2K2 - We're gonna be on a Ramones tribute album... it's gonna be out on short fuse records. More info on a release date soon.

01.1.2K2 - Happy new year from the Smuts. Our present to you, you might be asking your self is a new girl of the month you can view her by pressing the girl of the month button.

12.29.2K1 - Hey thanks to everyone who came out to state last night! It was a blast!

12.8.2K1 -  The show on the 21st is canceled because it was overbooked or some lame shit but we have a show at state theater on the 28th so try to come out to that one.

12.4.2K1 - We got a new bass player. His name is DJ and he's tough as fuck so bow down. Also the show on the 21st is up in the air we'll keep you posted.

11.26.2K1 - We have a new show at gasoline alley... check the shows section.

11.25.2K1 -  We had to cancel the show we had booked for tonight due to personal reasons. the show for December 21st is still on though. It's a benefit at the new refuge for Tibet or something to that effect. No worries though it will be swank. hope to see you there. We also have plans to begin recording sometime in February.

11.92K1 - Mot much news to report. We're just getting ready to play out soon so come and see us some time, more news later.


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