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weezer is:
rivers cuomo
brian bell
scott shriner
patrick wilson
  • WHY I LIKE WEEZER: it's been my experience that most people either like weezer, or they completely hate them. well, i like 'em. i've been listening to weezer for a long time, and have gotten a lot of shit for it, but i don't care...I LIKE WEEZER. i think they're great...why? well, because they're fun, they make me dance, and i enjoy a good "i hate weezer" speech from some asshole (except cassi, cause i enjoy her ramblings and complaints, and she's not an asshole). they're fun because they are goofy...not like stupid child like goofy, but they make fun of the music they used to listen while doing their homework in their bedroom, or garage. Weezer makes me dance because the music is just groovy, they write great songs for dancing to, and i love it. i dance to weezer all the time, and i have fun. i also enjoy a good "fuck weezer" speech cause most of those people don't know why they hate weezer, and most of those people have bad taste in music as it is (except cassi). so...that is basically why i like weezer...i'm not one of those "I LOOOOOOOVE WEEZER!!!!!" fans, i'm one of those "I HEART WEEZER" fans.