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April 27th, 2001

Rapids FC vs. L.A. Galaxy

the Colorado Rapids beat the L.A. Galaxy today 1 to 0 in overtime!!! good ol' Spenny boy got the last shot of the game and it slipped past one defender and one goalie. this made up for the upset the Rapids had against the Metrostars and San Jose in the last two games. the Rapids came out good, but not great like they did the first two home games. but we pulled it off. the L.A. Galaxy introduced their new goalie today, and he proved to be tough; but the Rapids hadn't been finishing the way they should have been. Spencer and Henderson hadn't been shooting the balls hard enough into the net which gave the goalie more time to get to the ball. L.A. had that same problem basically, but everytime they shot the ball hard, it went wide, very wide. this was Spenny's second goal this season, and i loved it. it went in smooth and fast like it should. hopefully we can see more of this against the Wizards, and hell, against the rest of the teams in the MLS. the Rapids went into this game aggresively and came out with a win, which just shows you that the Rapids CAN do it this year. they have the talent, and they have the oppurtunity. i say LETS GO FOR IT!!! what the hell do we have to lose??? nothing

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