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AS Roma Ultras Manifesto

"It's time that all the football fans understand what is happening between UEFA, FIFA and television companies, together with the national leagues. The purpose of the football's leaders is to create an european championship reserved to clubs, limited only at the major teams from each nation. This could guarantee them enormous gains thanks to TV rights and also sold out stadiums, 'cause in the big cities people would go to the stadium the same. Obviously minor teams would be sacrificed, because they don't have a TV audience nor crowded stadiums. It is clear that the struggle is between TV audience (the major part), destined to grow, and the stadium audience (the minor part), destined to disappear or to be reduced at contour element. In a few years the green football ground will be sponsorized and it will be forbidden to put stripes on the terraces because they could cover the publicity (see the new Ajax stadium). They will try to put thousand of people controlling the fans to avoid big flags, stripes, fires etc. etc. And they will be helped by mass media, which make nine columns titles for the most stupid thing that happen between fans. And in a few years the T-shirts of our teams (yeah, the T-shirt, the last thing we still have) will be full of sponsors, like the Formula One racecars. The future has been decided already: it belongs to the moderated fan. There's no more room for ultras. There's a UEFA directory that says that all the fans must be seated. They don't want anymore active supporting but that kind of participation you can find in a theatre or at the cinema. These men don't understand that for us our teams are a faith, that their symbols are tatooed on our arms and that their T-shirts, for people like us, represent our cities. All the "ULTRA" of the world should take all together (just for once) clamorous enterprises against the factory-football."

( "Il manifesto degli ultras" by C.U.C.S. Romanista )

i know that football in each continent is different, but i think we fall along these lines. already our flag poles have been taken away and we have been told it was because it would block the view of other fans. what other fans!?! also, and the stadium officials don't say this, but they probably somehow assume that the poles can be used as weapons. this is wrong, it is very hard to hit someone with a flag pole, especially when there is a flag attatched to it! there has also been a ban on fireworks to be used in the stadium (and in Colorado we understand this becuase of the drought, but this was issued before the drought). and the fireworks that we would use are not bottel rockets or any of that rubbish. we will use those road flares, not the ones that shoot off in the air though. nothing that shoots off, those actually do hurt people. they have even gone to the limit of telling us to not curse! ha ha, what the hell? well this rule hasn't been inforced, as far as i know. many fans, especially Rapids fans have used the "fuck" word.

also, the Rapids Ultras will NOT become an official supporters club, nor take anything from the club. NOTHING. we will not be tools for corporate sponsores, we will not have any official insignas on our flags and shirts, except those of our own. there will also be no racial hatred of any kind tolerated in the stands by us. we will do things our way, because WE are the FANS. WE are the ones that buy tickets to the games, WE are the ones that support the team, even die for the team that we support. WE are the ones that make football, football! WE will NOT be pushed around by the police nor any other corporate structure. the stadium does not belong to any corporation, regardless of what they think. those stadiums are ours, and WE make the rules.

we will start our fight to have flag poles back in the stands, where we can wave our teams colors and cheer them on with pride. the people of Colorado payed for Mile High Stadium (it's OFFICIAL NAME!!! not invesco field, we will NOT recognize this), so we have every right to have our share of what will be said, and what the rules will be inside the stadium. WE ARE THE ONES THAT OWN FOOTBALL, NOT CORPORATE AMERICA, NOT THE CORPORATE WORLD.

Rapids Ultras - Katary